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Meet Peter Mehl: Husband, Father, Grandfather, Missionary Evangelist, Author, Businessman, Equipper of Youth, Ministry Leader, World Record Holder...


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Russian Harvest Ministries

Russian Harvest Ministries exists to pioneer 1,000 churches in the former Soviet Union.

Moldova Harvest

An initiative to evangelize every village and town in the nation in five years.


Born in Moorhead, Minnesota Peter was raised in humble surroundings.  Life was not easy for Peter. At seven years of age he saw his mother taken away to a mental institution and for the next 25 years Peter saw very little of her. In the process Peter’s father began to work two jobs to pay the medical bills. The stress led his father to drink heavy and often. Further, Peter was small for his age and did not do well in school. The result was little money, even less supervision and a lonely upbringing. Peter was determined not to be poor, small, lonely or stupid. He set goals to overcome in each of these areas and began working to accomplish them.

Life around him included gangs, drugs, and violence. He tried to stay out of it by involvement in sports like wrestling and competitive weight lifting, winning state and regional championships and eventually setting both American and world records in the drug free World Natural Power-lifting Federation.

Peter began his first business at age seven by selling bubblegum door-to-door. Then worked two newspaper routes, washed dishes and bused at a restaurant and finally at age twenty-two launched a commercial heating company. Other companies followed including an environmental consulting company which took him to his goal to become a millionaire at age 32. By his mid forties he had earned two doctorates and reentered competitive power-lifting after a twenty year break to set American and world records.

Now at age 56 Peter is at it again with the launch of Peter is a seasoned speaker having spoken in hundreds of venues in several countries. Peter’s messages are ones of inspiration. He incorporates life experience and strength feats into his messages. He engages his audiences and they leave challenged, changed and ready to overcome in every arena of life.

While living in Russia in the 1990s Peter launched a non-profit organization that now has over thirty staff in the former Soviet Union. In the early days he encountered Russian Mafia, faced death threats, robbed, found corpse after Mafia hit and was interrogated by the KGB. Even in all this Peter never quit. He had a vision and set his face like flint to see it come to pass.

Peter has authored books, written training manuals, established training centers and leadership institutes. In and through all this he has a successful 36 year marriage and three children that have their heads on straight and four grandchildren.


Portfolio of a Man